Making your Website More Accessible


Another universal rule for web designing is accessibility. In fact, this is one of the perks that business owners like about launching a website. This is why you need to make your website widely available and responsive. Keep in mind that web users are not really a “homogeneous mass”, but […]

The Number 1 Web Design Rule: Keeping it Simple


When it comes to web designing, the number 1 rule you should always imply is to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Having a well designed website means using user-friendly interface, minimizing confusing navigation tools, and empowering the image branding. As much as possible, avoid putting too much graphics and flashy videos. Instead, […]

Web Design Conflicts and Debates


Nothing can really get away from the iron teeth of time, and the exact day when web design gets absolutely boring and finally fades away will sooner or later come. Do you share the same sentiments? Is it really happening now? In today’s time, the Cyberworld has become occupied by […]